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The fertilizer industry has become extremely volatile over the last few years, making it difficult to know what is going to happen next. Input prices, supply and demand, weather patterns, planting intentions, global trade patterns, government policies, and so many other factors can drive the price of these critical commodities, as well as the financial performance of the companies that produce them.

NPK Fertilizer Advisory Service provides critical insights into fertilizer markets, with information, analysis, and forecasts that can help bring clarity to those in agri-business, not to mention the investors who have taken major positions in the many publicly traded fertilizer producers.

Our two principals - David Asbridge, president and senior economist, and Glen Buckley, chief economist and partner - bring more than 60 years of agri-business experience at leading fertilizer producers, major fertilizer industry trade associations, leading farm advisory services, and academia. Glen has testified before Congress and other governmental groups regarding farm policy and fertilizer industry trends, while David has worked with various regulatory and other bodies to discuss agri-business policy and prospects. They both regularly appear before investor groups, too, helping analysts and portfolio managers understand this volatile industry.

We can help you sort through and understand the maze of information - and misinformation - and make the best possible decisions as you follow this global industry.